Residential Paving

At American Paving NC, we have completed hundreds of blacktop residential paving projects over the past 60+ years. On every project we were asked “what’s the difference between blacktop and asphalt?”

Blacktop is a type of asphalt pavement that is commonly found in residential driveways, while asphalt is an engineered mixture of aggregate and asphalt binder that is used to pave roads, parking lots and other large surface areas.

Both blacktop and asphalt are mixtures of aggregate (stone, sand and gravel) and asphalt cement that are heated and mixed together. The mixture is then spread over a prepared base and compacted with a heavy roller. Blacktop paving is known for its durability, long life and low maintenance requirements.

We follow a rigorous 7-step process for every blacktop residential paving project:

  • Clear the area for paving

    Remove debris, vegetation, and other obstructions. You may need to rent heavy machinery such as a skid steer or excavator to clear the area.

  • Level the area

    Use a laser level or a transit level to ensure the area is level and even.

  • Install gravel base

    Install a layer of gravel or crushed stone over the area to create a stable base for the blacktop.

  • Compact the gravel

    Use a roller or a compactor to compact the gravel and create an even foundation.

  • Install blacktop

    Lay down the blacktop in thin layers and use a tamper to ensure it is evenly distributed.

  • Compact the blacktop

    Once the blacktop has been laid, use a roller to compact it.

  • Finish the surface

    Use a broom or a leaf blower to remove any remaining debris and smooth out the surface.

We have proudly served clients in the area for over 60 years, always providing blacktop residential paving services that are durable, safe and aesthetically pleasing surfaces for a variety of applications.

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