Pavement Milling in Charlotte, North Carolina

Ready to replace your pavement? American Paving And Sealcoating located in Charlotte, North Carolina has the professional team and industry skills to remove your existing asphalt or pavement and restore the road ahead. Our experienced crew in Charlotte, North Carolina is highly trained in road rehabilitation for any of your road construction needs such as:

  • Neighborhood Roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Street Pavement


Asphalt Milling is the removal of uneven pavement that causes bumpy terrain for cars on main roads, parking lots, or neighborhood drives. Don’t hire an excavator to tear up existing roads. Call American Paving And Sealcoating at (704) 771-5109 for all your Charlotte asphalt milling, road repair, and resurfacing needs!

Rely on the trusted team of experts from American Paving and Sealcoating to survey your road and find out if the job calls for milling. Learn more about our company by clicking below to contact us today.

Milling American Paving Charlotte NC