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Best Driveway Paving Materials: Types, Pros, Cons & More

Choosing a driveway paving material that can resist wear and tear is crucial! When choosing a material for your surface, you need to consider a few things, including durability, cost, and maintenance.

In this blog post, American Paving – a premium paving company in North Carolina – will discuss some of the most popular driveway materials to help you make the right choice for your driveway!

1. Asphalt

Asphalt is a durable, affordable option that you can install quickly and easily. It’s also low-maintenance and relatively easy to repair if it cracks or breaks. However, asphalt can be susceptible to damage from extreme weather conditions. It may also require frequent replacements!

2. Concrete

Concrete is another durable option that is fairly easy to maintain. It’s also slip-resistant and can be poured in various colors and textures. The main drawback of concrete is that it can be quite expensive, especially if you hire a professional to install it.

3. Gravel

Gravel driveways are popular for rural properties but can also be used in urban areas. They are low-cost and easy to install, but gravel can be difficult to keep in place during heavy rains or snowstorms.

Additionally, gravel driveways can create dust, so they may not be the best choice if you have allergies or asthma.

4. Brick

For an elegant, classic look for your driveway, brick is an ideal choice. However, it’s one of the more expensive materials on this list, and it can be difficult to install yourself. Brick driveways require more maintenance than other options – you must seal them regularly to prevent staining.

5. Decomposed Granite

Decomposed granite is a lower-cost alternative to concrete or asphalt. It has a natural appearance that many homeowners prefer. It doesn’t require sealing or other maintenance. However, it can be susceptible to weed growth, and it may not be the best choice if you live in an area with heavy rain or snowfall.


Here’s a quick summary of all five types of driveway paving materials!

  • Poured concrete is sturdy and long-lasting, but it can be expensive.
  • Asphalt is cheaper than concrete but needs to be resealed every few years.
  • Brick pavers are attractive and durable but can be tricky to install.
  • Gravel is not heavy on your pocket but can get messy in wet weather.
  • Decomposed granite is a popular choice for paths and walkways.

Choosing the right driveway material can be tricky – but with this guide, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your home!

No matter what material you choose, make sure to have your driveway professionally installed by a reputable contractor. A poorly installed driveway can cause many problems, so it’s worth paying for a professional to do the job right.

For over 60 years, American Paving has been constructing and repairing asphalt pavement, including driveways, parking lots, and much more. We are a respected paving company in North Carolina with a long list of satisfied clients.

Our driveway installation method is quick and efficient. We’ll work with you to install a surface that meets your unique needs and budget.

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