We Pave the Way for You in Charlotte, NC

Choose American Paving and Sealcoating as your pavement contractor

Whether you need to pour asphalt for a new construction project or overlay an existing pavement, American Paving and Sealcoating is the contracting company to call. Our professional crew offers resurfacing and sealcoating services for commercial and residential projects in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Pouring pavement since the 1960s

By relying on our years of experience in the industry, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient and professional paving services. Our crew will:

  • Pour new blacktops, driveways, roads and parking lots
  • Resurface aging pavement to improve driving conditions
  • Apply a seal coat to pavement for long-term protection and safety

What is seal coat? Sealcoat is a bituminous liquid blend that is mixed with asphalt. The blend acts as a barrier against vehicle oil and gasoline while providing anti-skid protection. It also helps to reduce friction.

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